Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sorry To Interrupt This Broadcast

Before the kick off I quickly want to get some predictions in.

Potentially the most boring game this eve yet also very influential. Greece v Czech Republic are lining up as I am writing this.
Greece need to keep the passion they provided in the latter part of the match against Poland as this match is crucial to them, with Russia being their final group game. There are only 3,000 Greek fans against 19,000 Czech's so the passion may be short in the stands. It's equally important for the Czech Republic to bounce back though and show their metal. 2-1 Czech Republic.

Potentially the more exciting game coming up later in the form of Russia v Poland. Poland are again going to benefit from home support but if that will be enough to lift them to a point that they can cause Russia some real problems is debatable. They started to tire and run out of ideas in their first game and that was against Greece. Russia on form could very well prove unbeatable. I think Russia might have another charger here, 3-0 Russki's.

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