Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Breakdown - GROUP C

Group C proved to be a very interesting group as well, and things may not just fall into Spanish laps as easily as a Euro bail out.

Spain suprised everyone when they opted for a striker-less formation, opting instead for 6 across midfield and I think Italy may slightly have desreved the win in the end. Spain played their usual intricate style of football and Italy waited patiently. Silva and Fabregas proved a lethal pairing throughout the entire game, eventually scoring a goal in reply to Italy after they went 1-0 down and Iniesta proved a constant threat from midfield, just failing against Italy's defense. Spain had most of the possession but failed to make the most of it really. Torres had a nightmare once he was eventually subbed on but Spain did look more dangerous on goal aftet his addition. You can't blame the lad for being a bit low of confidence right now.

Man Of The Team: Iniesta

Italy came out and showed the woeful stories following them into the competition were not going to irk them but spur them on. They played very patient football, allowing Spain possession but defending wonderfully and attacking on the break, as is a very Italian style of football. Balotelli looked to be at a bit of a loss and was subbed off for Di Natale who pretty instantly scored a goal. This doesn't bode well for Balotelli. Pirlo continued to make people melt with his style of play and out of position De Rossi proved a great addition in defense. It was a great game and Italy should be very confident going forward. They would have won were it not for one lapse in concentration.

Man Of The Team: Pirlo

Croatia also had a cracking start to the Euro's, beating Ireland 3-1 in their opening game. They opened scoring almost immediately and, after Ireland got went back, Croatia went on to totally dominate the game. Modric was controlling the game from midfield as expected and Croatia looked more and more dangerous as the game went on. Srna was a constant source of energy and Mandzukic had a fantastic game, netting 2 of Croatia's 3 goals. Jelavic's goal was off-side and they looked anything but secure at the back but Croatia won this game easily.

Man Of The Team: Modric

Ireland fell apart. Usually so sturdy and structured in their defense, the first goal threw them off their pace and they could not find a way back in, despite a St Ledger equaliser. Given had a shambles of a game and a quick goal from Croatia after the break just further pushed Ireland into a state of disarray. It was always going to be hard for them but they were expected to peg teams back and be a hard team to get through. Croatia have proved to find it hard to break teams down and had Ireland been more rigid and attacked on the break, it could have been a very different story. With Spain and Italy coming up, it's hard to see how Ireland have any chance at progressing.

Man Of The Team: St Ledger. Hard choice, purely for the goal.

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