Thursday, 7 June 2012

Predicitons Baby!

If you have ever read this blog you will probably realise that I fail to predict anything correctly, but God loves a tryer. I did predict that Man City would win The Prem but that is hardly pulling it out of the bag, so to speak. Anyway, I'm going to have a krak owv predicting the scores on the doors for tomorrow. You know what tomorrow is right!? Only the bloody start of the 2012 European Championships (Du da duuu, da la, la, la....not the Emmerdale theme tune, use your imaginations people!). And what a way to kick it off! Goals, goals, goals coming up with Holland v...oh, wait. What was that, Pete? It's Group A playing tomorrow? Crappy can't-score-a-goal Group A kicking off the competition? Are you sure? Oh. Right. Fab...yeah, I turned the oven off. So (musters all enthusiam possible) Poland v Greece and Russia v Czech Republic arreba!

So, Poland v Greece. I can only imagine Greece will offer little but defending and a few random headers along the way, for good measure. One big Greek man may in fact rugby-tackle the ball into goal somehow. And Poland. A lot of people are writing Poland off and I suppose quite rightly given their current FIFA World Ranking of 62nd which is the lowest in the entire competition. Greece are 15th. However, they have looked decent in the run-up to the competition which alone has seen them hoisted up 3 rankings. I do really like Lewandowski and think any goals that come in this game will have something to do with him. Poland also play at home and will have a full crowd of cheering-Nazi's to boost them. It has 0-0 written all over it but I'm going to be optimistic and say 1-0 to Poland. And we can defo rely on the commentators struggling with the names flying around here for a bit of a chuckle. Christ knows Greece could do with a laugh right now.

Russia v Czech Republic. It really is all go hey! The only real reason I'll be watching this game is to see how Dzagoev gets on. He will be the one, maybe only one, on the pitch worth a look really but I definitely think Russia have enough to overpower the Czech Republic. Not for the first time hey! Ha! Haaaa. Ha. Maybe these games will be better than I thought. Or maybe not. Yeah, maybe not. Oh yeah, 2-1 to Russia with love.

Always nice to be eased in on your first day of the job!

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