Thursday, 7 June 2012

Down with Ukraine...well, unless we do well, jah?

Not like the good blokes in the UK Government to get themselves in hot water is it? Well, in a rare err of judgement, they have ended up being a taaad two-faced. You may or may not be aware that Germany and France are not sending any politicians over to Ukraine in accordance with Project Boycott. Pow Pow. It's basically over some boring jailing of some opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, some human rights shiz and basically everyone is angry! Grrrr! Well, we are angry unless England get through the group stages in which case political agendas go out of the window. British MP's are boycotting the first 3 games, but have much left the proverbial door slightly ajar, should England progress.

We are chasing the French title of surrender monkeys.
I don't really care about the reasons, or about politicians but come on boys, do us a favour and don't bring our country more bad press. England are playing all 3 group games in Ukraine and the politicans are boycotting in their tens. FA president Prince William and his ginger half-bro Harry are also snubbing the event. The Foreign Office had this to say: “We’re keeping attendance at later stages under review in the light of ministers’ busy schedules and widespread concerns about selective justice and the rule of law in Ukraine.” In Laymans terms, 'We only like Winners and shall not be wasting our precious time supporting a lost cause.' If only these morals applied to their policies. Labour, who quite often don't seem to care or understand what they are saying, as long as they make it the opposite to the Conservatives, have come out obviously condemning David Cameron and his merry men. One MP, Stephen Pound had this to say, "It seems to me like they’re chicken in Kiev..."
Very 80's in Ukraine. Explains the football violence.
 He said some other stuff too, David Cameron is a badman, he's, in a bad way fam. Now, did you realise that D.C. is a Villa man, himself? So, from a football point on view, I think the man's a genius. But in other news, Politicians are fickle and don't do as they say. Breaking News right there people!!

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