Monday, 7 May 2012

City vs United

You (yes, you!) would not have been alone in assuming that once Man United had secured an eight point lead, they were pretty much bang on track to pick up their 13th Premiership title and could once again point towards the blue half of the city and mock them for being so shite, before setting off to London because as fun as it is winning The Premiership, everyone needs to get home and trains can be a nightmare, especially on a Sunday and especially having to get all the way back from Sunderland. That is almost the entire country.
                                                  Bunch Of Cockney Fairies

But hark! What blue light through yonder window breaks? It is City and Mancini is their prodigal son! Arise, fair Son, and kill the envious moon-faced Scotsman.
                                                                Peeeerlace your bets...Now!
It's exciting stuff for sure and tensions are running high. United fans are throwing their toys out of the pram and moaning that ooooh, why us? Why is life so unfair? While it seems all of Mancini and the boys' hard work (let's not mention money) could well and truely pay (oops) off. I like mix ups. I like the fact Chelsea could win the Champions League, I like the fact Spurs have finally got their act together after years of promise, I like the fact Van Persie FC has potentially got a team into the top 4 single handedly after being completely written off, for how could he do it alone? The top end of the Premiership is god-damn exciting and I love it. So as much as I dislike the fact City pretty much stole Barry and Milner away from us Villa fans, I have to claim myself blue right now.
United have been a shadow of a team this year. True, they have had mammoth defeats like the 8-2 pounding of Arsenal, 5-0 victory over Bolton and a good 4-1 win over Wolves, but for the tail end of the season they have limped through on narrow wins and very boring football. At the start of the season, they looked fab. Young looked to be a major signing especially but he has since proved he would be better off doing a sport that involves a diving board and a pool, preferably an empty one.

The problem is, even if United do win, they have a huge amount of work to do before the start of next season. No doubt City will spend big over the summer, and with already an incredibly talented team, God knows what sort of Gladitorial Giants we'll be witnessing next year, with names like Van Persie and Eden Hazard already being banded about.

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